Stanford Captioning System


The Stanford Captioning System is a Web-based application designed to assist you in production of captioned media presentations. After registering with the Captioning System, contributors may submit videos to the Stanford Captioning System and choose the "turnaround time" to create a captioned version. The Captioning System outsources the production of text transcripts and, once complete, synchronizes the transcript with the video presentation. Content contributors can then take the video files and caption files to deliver captioned media presentations through iTunes U, Stanford's YouTube channel, or basic Web pages.

The Stanford Captioning System is available to members of the Stanford community. While there is no cost for using the Captioning System itself, there is a cost for the production of a text transcript. If you submit your media presentation, you will be billed by the relevant transcription company for the production of a transcript. For contributors who may already have a transcript, please follow the instructions for captioning videos with a transcript.


The following instructions provide step-by-step procedures for using the Stanford Captioning System as well as adding a captioned videos to Web pages. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the system managers.


About the Stanford Online Accessibility Program

The Stanford Online Accessibility Program (SOAP) has been established to provide guidance to the Stanford Community as they use various online means to share information to their respective constituents. The program has the mandate to assist web designers and online content creators in producing material that is accessible to the greatest audience possible. The program achieves this through the promotion of Universal Accessibility and web standards compliance.

About the Office of Accessible Education

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE) provides an array of support services, accommodations, and programs for students with disabilities at Stanford University. The OAE coordinates the services of the Student Disability Resource Center, the Schwab Learning Center, the Assistive Learning Technology Center, and Center for Universal Design in Education to ensure undergraduate and graduate students opportunity to participate equally in the academic life of the University. Funding for the Stanford Captioning System originated from the Center for Universal Design in Education within the OAE.