Captioning Resources

Caption Formatting and Guidelines

Captioning Key
Published by the Described and Captioned Media Program, the Captioning Key provides information about how to present audio content in captions. The Captioning Key specifies guidelines for the production of captions as well as subtitles.
Suggested Styles and Conventions for Closed Captioning / WGBH
The Media Access Group at WGBH has a Captioning FAQ that provides some conventions for how to caption, though it is geared more for closed captioning for video and TV.

Captioning Tools

MAGpie is a free captioning tool that allows content authors to manually create captioned files for video presentations. Developed and managed by NCAM/WGBH, MAGpie provides a simple interface for captioning Web-based presentations.
SRT to DFXP Converter
The SRT to DFXP Converter is a small JavaScript application to convert your existing .srt (SubRip) files to the DFXP (.xml) file format. Script developed by Christian Heilmann and used with his permission.
World Caption
World Caption is a free captioning tool for QuickTime compatible media files. By importing a transcript, World Caption attempts to automatically parse the text file into manageble sections that can then by synchronized to the media playback. Depending on the type of presentation, the captioner may not have to manually synchronize each caption. A video demonstration of World Caption demonstrates how the system functions.
MovCaptioner is a shareware application for the Apple OS X platform. MovCaptioner is a hands-on, manual captioning application that allows the captioner to synchronize the media presentation with a text transcript. MovCaptioner will also allow the import of a previous time-stamped file (SRT, SCC, etc.) and in order to convert to other captioning formats or to perform a timing off-set.
Subtitle Workshop
Subtitle Workshop is a complete, efficient and convenient Windows based freeware subtitle and caption editing tool. It supports a large variety of time-stamp formats and has all the features you would want from an editing program.
Express Scribe
Express Scribe is free software that is available on both Windows and Macintosh. Express Scribe allows you to have a lot of control over audio playback if you wish to generate your own text transcript. With it, you can use simple keystrokes to pause, play, and rewind a few seconds, in case you miss something. Express Scribe requires you have audio in either WAV or MP3 format.

Accessible Media Players

JW FLV Player
The JW FLV Player is a Flash-based media player supporting a variety of media formats (e.g., FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG, etc.). The JW FLV Player has good support for accessibility when integrated into Web pages. There is no cost to use the JW FLV for non-commercial purposes.
NCAM ccPlayer
The NCAM ccPlayeris Flash-based media player that allows for the inclusion of an accessible media in Web pages. The ccPlayer has excellent support for screen-reader and keyboard accessibility and is available at no cost.
CLF Multimedia Player
Created and hosted by the Government of Canada, the CLF Multimedia Player is another flash-based player that supports captioning and other accessibility enhancements. While focused on the Canadian Common Look and Feel requirements, the player and instructions for it's use are freely available for download.